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Feminine Alchemy
Embodiment Coaching for Women

Feminine Alchemy is a path of transformation and healing that holds space for women to reclaim their bodies and their lives. Women have enormous power but so often are held back by pain, shame, fear and insecurity, to name a few. Many women receive little or no support for themselves, yet are the source of support for their families, friends and communities. Women often find themselves burned out, exhausted and drained, leading to increased risk of falling into depression or anxiety, or creating unhealthy habits that lead to pain, distress or illness.

With personal 1:1 coaching you will receive support to connect to your body, restore your energy and activate your body’s innate healing intelligence with sacred feminine movement and energy medicine practices. These practices will help to cultivate confidence, self-esteem and a greater sense of presence, awareness, and connection to your body, leading to improved physical and mental health and well-being.

Feminine Embodiment is the key to women's health and empowerment.  Allowing feminine energy to flow freely through the body will give you more vitality and resource within. We can embody and nurture this energy to become like an ever-flowing fountain within. This is what I seek to empower in every woman. This world needs more love and it needs every single one of us to rise up and meet the inner darkness with more light. To do this I believe we must empower the Sacred Feminine within.

I am happy to give you a 

Let's see if we are a match to work together. 

Sessions are held on Zoom.  


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