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Feminine Alchemy
Embodiment Health Coaching for Women

Feminine Alchemy is a path of transformation and healing for women. Women have enormous power but so often are held back by pain, shame, fear and insecurity, to name a few. Many women receive little or no support for themselves, yet are the source of support for their families, friends and communities. Women often find themselves burned out, exhausted or overwhelmed, leading to increased risk of falling into depression or anxiety, or creating unhealthy habits that lead to pain, distress or illness.

Embodiment is the key to women's health and empowerment. With personal 1:1 coaching you will receive support to reconnect with your body and activate your healing process with energy medicine practices, movement, yoga and a new self-care path that supports your goals. Embodiment Coaching will help you to cultivate more clarity, confidence, presence and power within, leading to improved physical health and mental resilience, and greater success in all your endeavors.  

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