begins May 7, 2022

Now more than ever,

we need to DANCE!.

Are you feeling stressed, anxious or burned out? 

Do you want to feel more at ease in your body and heart?

Want to learn to Belly Dance and have some fun?

 This program will help you to release stress,

restore your energy, build confidence and get your body moving in a fun and feminine way!


The 7-week Belly Dance Journey

•belly dance basics
•yoga alignment principles
•energy healing techniques

•chakra wisdom  
•feminine power

Beginning May 7, 2022 

Saturdays at 9:30am-11am

Rainbows are a universal symbol of hope

and a reminder that we can recover from the storms of life to find renewed beauty and light. Within a woman lives a powerful energy that is the source of her sensuality, intuition, intelligence and wisdom. Some cultures have called this energy a Goddess, I call her Rainbow Woman. She has the power to recover, heal, transform and rise up better than ever, like the lotus that grows out of the mud.  She is the one who finds the rainbow in the storm.  She is the Phoenix who rises from the ashes.  She is the Feminine Essence within us all and she is powerful, she is beautiful, she is free. You know her, she is you.


Embodiment and movement is the path

to women's empowerment. 

This is for YOU if you want to:

learn to bellydance and empower your feminine expression

build confidence in your movement and sensuality

learn to create your own belly dance practice

release tension, stress and emotions with movement


heal your relationship with your body

transform fear and old beliefs about femininity

feel more grounded, secure and open to receive


feel FEMININE and FREE in your body, heart and soul



7 Weekly Live Belly Dance Classes (Saturdays, 9:30 am PST)

✨ Energy Healing Practices

✨ Recordings of all classes (available until the end of the course)

✨ Private Facebook Group exclusively for this course


Week 1, Earth 
Feminine Body Wisdom

We begin this journey with a foundational practice that clears our energy field and opens the door to our body's innate wisdom.

Week 2, Water
Sensual Flow

Open the wellspring of feminine energy to flow through your whole being and be refreshed through sensual movement that enlivens your essence.

Week 3, Fire
Passion & Energy

Activate your power! This practice will recharge your energy,

 strengthen your core and build confidence in your expression. 

Week 4, Air
Dance of Compassion

This class opens the heart into a healing connection with yourself

and the world through your movement. 

Week 5, Ether

Express Yourself

Expression is liberating! Connect to your creativity and express your

true essence in your dance.

 Week 6, Third Eye
Movement Meditation

This practice will help to clear your mind and connect to your

inner guidance.

 Week 7, Crown
Integration & Embodiment

In this final week, we celebrate our completion with a simple choreography that integrates all the movements we have learned.

Begins May 7, 2021

Classes held on Zoom 
(with link to watch the recording)

Saturdays, 9:30am-11am


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About Dawn


Dawn M. Yurkovic is a Certified Massage Therapist, Energy Medicine practitioner and Aroma Yoga® instructor.  She has a deep passion for holistic health and yoga. 


Since graduating in 2006 from the massage therapy program at IPSB in Culver City, CA, she has continued to study healing and bodywork techniques including Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Unwinding, Ayurveda, Reiki, Aromatherapy and Yoga.  She received her certified yoga training from the AWAKENED HEART, EMBODIED MIND Yoga Teacher Training program at Santa Monica Yoga.  In 2014 she co-founded the AROMA YOGA® Online Teacher Training program with Tracy Griffiths. Dawn works privately with clients and mentors yoga students around the world. 

Dawn is also a professional bellydancer and musician. She is inspired by the healing power of movement and dance and enjoys combining the esoteric principles of yoga and energy medicine with bellydance, to empower women and activate the Divine Feminine within.