Sacred Body Arts

nourish your body, mind & heart


Three general styles are offered:

Massage Therapy -  Traditional Swedish and Deep Tissue massage is integrated with Sports massage, Neuromuscular and Fascial Stretch therapy to address the each person's individual needs and relieve pain, stress, injury, trigger points and overall tension.  Massage helps the body and mind to to relax and unwind, stimulating the healing process.

Craniosacral Therapy - integrated with Reiki and Polarity Energy Balancing to help release tension, stress, trauma and emotional distress and induce a state of deep relaxation in the body-mind, supporting the brain and nervous system to rejuvenate.  The client remains clothed while laying on a massage table to receive gentle touch on the back, head, neck, hips and feet. 

Raindrop Technique - with Young Living Essential Oils helps to boost the immune system and is effective in relieving back pain and stress with the application of therapeutic-grade essential oils on the back, neck and feet.  Ten different essential oils are dispensed like little drops of rain and massaged along the vertebrae and back muscles, followed by hot moist towels on the back, for a relaxing spa-like experience. 

Private sessions are 60 minutes ($100) or 90 minutes ($150)  Sessions are integrative and designed for the unique needs of each person.  Packages are available and sliding scale for those in need. Discounts for Topanga Locals.

Movement Body Therapy

Life is movement. We need to move in order to thrive in our bodies and our lives.  Our thoughts and feelings are directly connected to how our body is moving and much of the stresses in life can benefit from conscious movement, stretching and exercise.  Receive private instruction to create a practice that supports you and fulfills your intentions. Sessions draw from the modalities listed below, based on your personal needs and desires.

Yoga Private Instruction

It's amazing! Yoga can help you get in shape, relieve pain and stress, build strength & flexibility, balance emotions and create peace of mind. With all those benefits why not give it a chance?  Get support to create your own personal practice. 

Bellydance Private Instruction

Discover the art of Bellydance. It can serve as a workout, a meditation, a healing practice and or just a fun outlet for feminine creative expression.  Bellydance offers a natural beautiful way of moving in a flow that opens the energy channels in the body, releases tension, and centers us.  Learn the basics of bellydance and discover how nourishing and rejuvenating this dance can be.

Aroma Yoga® Private Instruction

Experience yoga like never before. Aroma Yoga® is gentle and restorative, using simple exercises paired with essential oils to deepen your practice, release tension and quiet the mind.​​ This well-rounded practice includes Hatha asana, vinyasa, freestyle movement and partner exercises. Dive deep into the elements, the chakra system, energy exercises and Young Living Essential Oils.  

Personal Healing Retreat



Experience your own private retreat with bodywork, energy clearing, movement therapy and coaching.  

  • Release the pain, stress and blocks that are holding you back

  • Revitalize your energy, vision, passion and purpose

  • Give yourself time and space so you can rest and renew

How it works:

We spend one or two full days together.  We will create your personal program based on your needs, intentions and desires. You may receive massage and/or energy balancing bodywork, experience movement therapy, yoga, bellydance instruction, meditation, or learn self-healing techniques that you can add to your daily health routine.

To get started, contact me to schedule your 30 minute HEALING ACTIVATION call.

About Dawn

Dawn M. Yurkovic is a certified massage therapist, energy medicine practitioner and Aroma Yoga® instructor.  She has a deep passion for holistic health and yoga. 


Since graduating from the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing (IPSB) in 2006 as a Certified Massage Therapist, she has continued to study healing and bodywork techniques including Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral Unwinding, Ayurveda, Reiki, Aomatherapy and Yoga.  She received her certified yoga training from the AWAKENED HEART, EMBODIED MIND Yoga Teacher Training program at Santa Monica Yoga.  She is co-founder of the AROMA YOGA® Online Teacher Training program with Tracy Griffiths and she works privately with clients and students around the world. 


Dawn is also a bellydancer and musician. She is inspired by the healing power of movement and dance and enjoys combining the esoteric principles of yoga and energy medicine with bellydance, to empower women and activate the Divine Feminine within.  

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